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API changes

Between beta 3 and beta 4 some APIs were changed. The changes are minor and it should only take you a few minutes to port your application. Additionally the format of mail and serialised EnclaveInstanceInfo also changed, so old data from beta 3 will not work across upgrades. Enclave, host and clients must all be recompiled against the new versions.

Local calls

The old EnclaveCall interface is no longer needed. To receive local calls just override the receiveFromUntrustedHost method on Enclave.

Mail delivery

The mail API now lets the host provide a routingHint parameter when delivering mail, which allows the enclave to direct the host where replies should go to. For instance, you can set it to a connection ID, user name, etc. This makes it easier to bind the enclave to the network.

To get code compiling again, add a String routingHint as a new second parameter to your override of Enclave.receiveMail.

Attestation parameters.

The EnclaveHost.start method has been adjusted to take just two parameters, both of which can be null.

The first is an AttestationParameters object. Instantiate either an AttestationParameters.EPID or AttestationParameters.DCAP object. The latter should be used on the latest hardware or if using Azure Confidential Computing VMs. The former is for older hardware, and requires you to obtain an API key from Intel.

To convert existing code, take the first two parameters of EnclaveHost.start and pass them to the constructor of AttestationParameters.EPID.