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Known issues

The Conclave API is by now mostly stable, but small changes may still occur. In particular we may change the mock enclave API in future, and adjust mail to support streaming access. You should expect to spend a few minutes updating your code between releases, but not more.

This release ships with the following known issues that we plan to address in future versions:

  1. Some system level exceptions like divide by zero or using null reference may crash the enclave/host process.
  2. Opening network sockets doesn't work. We plan to support opening outbound sockets in future, but running socket based servers inside an enclave is probably not the best way to use enclave technology. Please read about mail to learn how to send messages to and from an enclave.
  3. Mail is limited in size by the size of the enclave heap, and the size of a Java array (2 gigabytes).
  4. SubstrateVM builds are not currently reproducible. Avian builds are reproducible on Linux and macOS. We are working on SubstrateVM reproducibility at the moment.
  5. JavaDocs don't integrate with IntelliJ properly. This is due to a bug in IntelliJ when loading modules from on disk repositories.